Welcome to JasonWeiler.com

I work on lots of stuff in my spare time. Occasionally something gets cooked enough to serve. When that happens, it winds up here:

Game stuff:

  • So what's happening with Warsport.com, and why did it bring me here?


  • IDCRT - A set of scripting primitives for use with the IDA Pro disassembler from Hex-Rays.
  • The FName Addin - An addin for Visual Studio to show Unreal Engine FNames in the watch window.


  • The HUS/VIP file format - A reverse engineering project I started awhile ago in order to play around with an automated sewing machine.
  • The VP3 file format - Another reverse engineering project involving sewing machine file formats.
  • Hyperspace Delivery Boy archive dumper - While playing around with the demo of Monkeystone's Hyperspace Delivery Boy, I noticed that it was loading both the debug and release versions of the c-runtime libraries. When I mentioned it on their forums, I got no reply. So I just had go poking around. This is the result.


  • DNSinfo (140k) (Instructions Coming Soon) - A tool that implements the DNS network protocol. (like nslookup, but sassier)
  • Mandelbrot Toy - Yeah yeah. There are tons of these out there already. I wrote this specifically because I needed to render part of the Mandelbrot Set in an excruciatingly large size for use in a custom snowboard graphic.
  • More to come...

The Narcissism Pile:

Things you're not interested in: